GT TRAVEL CONSULTANT is a consultancy  travel service oriented to  passengers living outside Argentina in which we help them to plan a tailor-made trip, offering them all our knowledge, academic  background and more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, in addition to the experience we have acquired during all our years travelling.

With this service we will advise you individually, and help you achieve a perfect trip based on your tastes, needs and budget.

Please note that this consulting service does not imply that you must book the services with Grama travel, you can make the reservation on your own.

In case you prefer that we take care of everything we will discount the fee of the consultancy

You can download a demo of a tailor-made travel guide

Nothing is more important to us than the trust of the passenger. That’s why we want you to be able to see how a tailor-made travel guide would look after the drafts, the talks, and the video calls!
Everything can be put together according to your requirements, every tour, every hotel, every apartment, flights… You choose how you want to travel!
In addition to this final travel guide, we provide each passenger with a detailed budget estimate of expenses including: meals, travel expenses, tips, etc


This consultancy is oriented to those passengers who require advice and help to organize their trip; either because it is their first trip outside their country of residence, because they do not dare to go on the adventure without having a tour planned day by day, because they cannot dedicate their time to all the hours involved in planning a trip on their own or simply because it is easier and more practical for them to have someone plan their travel.